So we touched down in Singapore a little past midnight on the 11th of June. The past few days have been filled with food, friends, fun, food, furious heat, and food. While we've been reacquainting with the people and culture of Singapore, the Philippines has been mustering up a storm for us. Rumors of typhoons have sprouted leaks of doubt in our optimistic minds as bad weather could be the death of many of our plans.

The latest news we've had from our contact in the field has nursed some of the bruises on our optimism and our plans as of now are still on the table. While the weather man seems to be manually clearing the skies for us, we're not getting our hopes up too high yet. So please take some time as you're reading this to pray for us; pray for our safety and the effectiveness of ministry be it rain or shine.

If you're a skim reader, here are the prayer points

1. Safety

2. Good weather

3. Effective ministry

4. Good team dynamics