Mountains and Cities - Philippines

Today, we are three hours away from Manila in a little town called Los Banos. We arrived in Manila on the 16th of June at about 5:30 in the evening. Without any delay, we embarked on a 10 hour journey up to the mountain village of Banaue where we were hosted by Fire of Life Ministries, led by Pastor Ben Covita and his gracious family. In Banaue, I was sad to learn that the mother of some one I had ministered to had lapsed back into idolatry. In a collective effort, we wrote, composed, and recorded a song right there in the mountains in the span of three days. Our time in Banaue was short, but packed full with beautiful mountains, bible studies, children ministry, music, and giant spiders.

After a mere three day stint in the mountains, we headed back to Manila where we met with Perfect Rhythm's radio DJ, Jordan, for an hour long interview. Our segment, which featured about five songs (including the song produced in Banaue), was aired the following morning at 11:30 am. We ended our stay in Manila with a live performance in UBC where we focused on encouraging artists and fellow musicians to continue investing in the passion that God has placed in their hearts. That night, at about midnight, we headed out to where we are now. The very morning of our arrival, we attended church and presented our ministry and a couple of songs to encourage the congregation. Tonight, we will be having an unplugged performing at a restaurant.

Thus far, it has been a wonderful (but exhausting) time of ministry, travel, and adventure.


From Left to Right: Eugene (Manila, Philippines), Anna-Marie (Springfield, Illinois), Gabes (Los Banos, Philippines), Daniel Lim (Singapore), Stephanie Lim (Union, Illinois), and Elmer (Los Banos, Philippines)


Daniel and the prettiest sparrow