Creative Courage

It's getting colder here in Chicago. As I slowly edge my way towards the final product of an album, I realized I left my audience in anticipation with the promise of an earlier release date during the summer. It's now fall and I'm giving an update to anyone willing to listen. After the mastering process, I realized it was a project unworthy of public ears. So I took it back to the studio (my bedroom) and began writing new material and re-recording old songs. At last, that stage is over and I am in the final stages of mixing. A part of me is still anxious, afraid of being vulnerable, unnoticed in the ocean of already established songwriters. But isn't that what creative courage is? The deliberate and illogical act of vulnerable exposure, trusting God as the one true fortress of the heart. The counterintuitive decision to risk it all as Abraham did on his faith journey to sacrifice Isaac.

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