Sweet Autumn and Summer Days

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt's been three years since I moved to Chicago. Since then, I went through several life changes. I got married, I became a music director at a church, and I began developing my musical and technical skills at a higher level. As such, Chicago has a special place in my heart. For one, my wife is from the region. While I was on the ship, Chicago presented itself in my mind as a gift-giver – the bringer of my wife. Now that I'm a part of this community, I decided to give something back.

“Chicago Skyline”, which was recorded in one day in my apartment in old town Chicago, is an ode to the great city and its people. In the short three years that I've been here, I've watched the city change, and yet it has also seemed to remain the same. Perhaps it is more like staring at the face of a rotating diamond that catches the light in ways never done before. This song is my gift to the city and to you.Stage Final