The Call to Run Into the Dark


Run Into the Dark was written in response to a Moody Missions conference about human trafficking we attended a few years ago. The issue has always been heavy on our hearts and we knew we needed to share this with others because, well, there is nothing more heinous and invasive than the trafficking of humans. It makes God weep.

In reflection, we realized that the objectification and degradation of a human life to such an extent can only be done by the most damaged of people. How this happens, we don't know. This is why Run into the Dark, while written to and about victims, also extends itself to the traffickers. At one point every trafficker was a child, probably abused and marginalized.

I want to be cautious about not minimizing the weight of the crime. But it is important to remember that Christ’s death and resurrection, and his ultimate sacrifice are not only for those we deem innocent, but to the lowest and the most damned of our society. We wanted those who have been trafficked and who have trafficked to understand that this is offered to them despite whatever guilt they may feel. And so to all in darkness, the women and children who have no way out, our ultimate hope is that you find your salvation in the One who finds you where you are.

The question at hand is - what will you do? What can you do?

After releasing this video, we asked ourselves what we can really practically do besides creating art. On a trip to Atlanta, GA, we were surprised that God answered us a couple days later by putting us in contact with people who were involved in ministries to fight human trafficking. Now we have our own little part to play and will continue to look for more.

For the church, we wrote this song centered around the term, "Run Into the Dark". We were once the ones in the darkest of places when saved by God's grace. Our calling and mission involves us running back into the dark with the flaming torch of salvation in our hands.


“If you should feel that darkness is your friend Only because you’ve never seen the light
If you should steal quietly away
And chose to keep your scars out of sight

When Evil men
Demons in the night
come to you with sweet and heartless words But rest assured we are on the march
into the dark

Don't feel alone
God longs to be with you Sing to the night
For the love
that finds you where you are

If tears should find
Their way out of your skin through anywhere else but your eyes
If teeth should grind
Against the carnal pain and shame that haunts you through the nights

If you should kill
your spirit day by day letting your dreams and visions bleed you dry But stand assured
We are on the run into the dark

Take the step towards the child who's living through perpetual hell

and take the stand against the profane of women chained to beds of pain

Take a leap of faith into
the hearts of dreamers cut in two

Take away our apathy
and push our pride into the sea

Run into the dark”