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The Alchemist


The Alchemist album is an ode to the journey we take when we accept the fatal call to follow Christ. We all begin our journey with a heart of lead - we begin with unbelief. Inevitably, we must die to ourselves in order for God to make something beautiful out of us- gold.

I drew inspiration from my own experiences and took the entire project as an exercise to stand in awe of the changes God has made in me. My hope is that whoever listens to this album will be as challenged as I was to live a life in this reality - a reality of freedom from our old selves.

As a highlight, songs such as “Come to the River” talk about the turning point of our salvation or perhaps for some, the point of surrender in order to reconcile with “The Alchemist”, or become gold.

The flow of the album moves from dark to light and ends with the challenge to take that light back to the dark. Hence, we end with one of our most cherished songs- “Run Into the Dark”. Our call, our action, as a church is a necessary indication of the completeness of our salvation (James). Look out for the “Run Into the Dark” music video coming out this week.