Live at Studio B

I'm still recovering from a 12hr long session in studio B with some of the best musicians I've ever played with. I recall the hours spent with Josh arranging music, praying that it'll be worth everyone's time, and now our live EP is gradually becoming reality.

IMG_5469Featuring 7 instrumentalists, Stephanie Lim, Joshua Lee, Sylvia Robin, Song Kim, Isaiah Nichols, Matthew Casiple, and Tyler Blohm, the currently untitled EP focuses on a period of my life where I'm getting used to the glare of post spiritual blindness. After a time of wrestling with cynicism, self doubt, and an ever shifting sense of identity, this EP speaks of the joys of finding solid ground in a world of chaotic fluidity.

Not only has it been a pleasure working with these musicians, it has been uplifting and cathartic. In hindsight, this EP was merely a by product of the relationships developed within a group of musicians meeting in a tiny apartment to tell stories (my sympathies to the neighbors). The true beauty lay in the lives of the individuals.

Of course the extensive efforts of Ryan McConnaughay, our sound engineer, Pavel Adamek, our videographer and his team, Reidar, James, and Joe should not go unnoticed. They saw us through several hours worth of face-palm worthy mistakes from us musicians.

Look out for Daniel and the Sparrows' upcoming EP, recorded live at Studio B.

Daniel Lim

Photo Credit (and slave elf): Gabrielle Torres