Migratory Birds

It's been close to a month since I've been on the road. Soon I'll be going back to Bobbio Pellice, Italy, to rekindle a flame once bright. My musical journey under the banner of Daniel and the Sparrows began in the Alpen region of Italy more than 3 years ago. I never dreamt of being a full time musician (and in some ways, I'm still a little bashful about claiming to be one). The last three years have been riddled with euphoria, mountain top experiences, crushing discouragement, doubt, and wrestling matches with God and man. All of which have moulded my character and calling.

It's so easy to give up - to redefine my ministry to make my shortcomings and mediocre success more palatable. But I know God has lead me through this ongoing, seemingly endless desert for a reason. I will just have to grit my teeth, keep my head tilted up, and head towards the light. Though the road is rocky and impossibly narrow, God will guide my steps.

God has recently introduced a band of brothers into my ecosystem; TK, Immanuel Aziz, Eric Reyes, and Isaiah Nichols. Aptly labeled as the foreigners, these characters have caused me heartache and heart-warmth. I have learnt so much from their heart and talent for music and missions. I turn this post to them, to encourage and remind them that we are migratory birds heading home. It may be a long journey, over endless oceans and barren lands, with the occasional oasis to tempt us away from the ultimate goal. But don't look down, not for a second, because if we fix our eyes on things above we will find ourselves home, whatever that may look like to each of our ambitious hearts. I love you guys!

Regards from Singapore,

Daniel and the Sparrows