New Reality

Our new single entitled “New Reality”, has been recorded, mixed and mastered, featuring fellow musicians Joshua Lee, Joy Martin, Ben Sanford, and Anton Kompare. The concept of this song was to sample sounds from everyday life to create surreal synths. So what you’ll be hearing in the song will be the sounds made from bowls, lamps, wires, toy pianos, cubes, drawers, and cabinets on top of your traditional instruments.

New Reality speaks about the new life we receive from Christ and how it should look different from the old life. Often we find ourselves reliant on false securities guised as money, or even healthy relationships. If Christ truly calls us to be completely dependent on Him, we can find no security in our human born wisdom. This is a terrifying notion, as we are sometimes called into dangerous and volatile situations. Just remember - Christ is our true and only rock.


Look out for Daniel and the Sparrows' new single "New Reality", out on February 3rd!