What is A Violent World of Neon Color?

After over a year of toiling, I’m finally in the final stages of my latest album, A Violent World of Neon Color. While all of my previous work has been distributed primarily online, I decided to collaborate to create something tangible. A Violent World of Neon Color will be released as an album booklet containing photography, art, stories, and lyrics. This piece of art will therefore be more than just music and will produce its message most effectively as a whole. A Violent World of Neon Color is an ode to the era of physically produced music – a true form of cross medium collaboration. Working with musicians such as Joshua Lee, Anton Kompare, Joy Martin, Taylor Phipps, Alex Boddy, and Isaac Jacobsen has been a humbling experience. On top of the fact that this will be the best work I’d have produced, this album will also feature soundscapes recorded around the city of Chicago blended into the prologue, epilogue, and its two interludes. A Violent World of Neon Color is a piece of work I’m excited to soon bring to you. Look out for our release date soon.